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Hi, my name is Jaanika and I’m from Viljandi, Southern Estonia.

I offer different trips to South Estonia, more specifically to Mulgimaa, because Mulgimaa offers endless adventures and is very close to my heart.

What is Mulgimaa (Mulgi region)?

It is a cultural area in southern Estonia, located in the territories of three municipalities: Viljandi, Mulgi and Tõrva, and two counties, Viljandi and Valga.

In Mulgimaa we have unique traditions and beautiful nature , as well as interesting companies and events. The area is known for its rich Estonian farms, that were the first to be bought out from the manors and as the birthplace of cultural traditions and famous statesmen from the early years of the

Why and how the people here got rich – there is a story and I will share it with you when you come to visit us.

If you now have the desire to come to Mulgimaa, I will arrange your trip and put together the route according to your wishes.
There are different fields of interests to choose from – artisans, hunters, fishermen, entrepreneurs, beautiful gardens, mansions, historical castle ruins, quiet places in the nature, music, good restaurants, and comfortable accommodation. I can organise trips of one or more days, for smaller and larger groups.

I will take you to my friends in Mulgimaa, I will talk about the history of Mulgimaa, the people who live here, their joys and worries.

In summer, we also take you to explore Mulgimaa by bicycle – we ride along small village roads and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery as well as local farms and places of interest.

If you are interested in coming to Mulgimaa, let me know your what you are interested in, and I can put together a tour that is just right for you!

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